Classroom Instructors for K-12 Coding and Technology Skills

We are seeking instructors for after school and Summer programs to teach coding and technology skills to youth. You should have strong technology skills and experience in teaching youth. Please specify your technology skills on either your resume or cover letter. The programs will run approximately 90 minutes per session and for 1-4 days per week depending upon your availability.

Pay is $100 per session (e.g. $400/week if teaching Mon-Thur) and on a contract basis. Please attach CV and Cover Letter (you may write your cover letter in the email body) to:

Seeking Curriculum Designers and Courseware Authors for K-12 Coding and Technology Skills

We are seeking courseware authors of diverse backgrounds to develop K-12 curricular materials such as lesson plans, online courses, short project-based workbooks and classroom media in coding and technology related skills. We are addressing the entire curricular space and are particularly interested in going beyond traditional ICT and computing science subjects to connect computational thinking and creativity with all subject areas. You should have expertise both with curriculum theory and a technical domain, and be able to create your own content. Most of our developers have Masters degrees, and several have PhDs or doctorates. Authors are entitled to royalties on their materials as with any publisher.

We are especially interested in developing courseware and lesson plan bundles in the following areas:

• SMAC: social mobile analytics & cloud

• IoT: internet of things

• 3D (virtual worlds, animation, games, product design, 3D printing, scientific visualization)

• research methods

• entrepreneurship

• interactive storytelling

• design thinking and proces

If you have knowledge that can contribute to this area of education, send us your CV and include your cover letter in the body of your email. You can reside in any city, since we can form remote distributed teams and you do not need to be located in the Vancouver vicinity. To send your CV, please write "curriculum development query" in the subject heading and send in an email to: