Founder: Michael Filimowicz

Coding and other advanced technology skills are becoming understood as the 'fourth foundation' of K-12 education, enriching the traditional triplet of Reading, Writing and Mathematics. 

We make it easy for teachers to get the training and materials they need to prepare their students for the information age and new economy.

Our online courseware, complete units and lesson resources require no previous experience with coding. We go beyond introductory computing science skills to develop teachers’ skills through self-paced modules that make technology content more applicable to all subject areas. 

Our curriculum is based on BC's curriculum as well as U.S. standards like Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) and Common Core.

The 4th Foundation Society coordinates after school programs, with our first classes offered in Burnaby, British Columbia at Alpha Secondary. 4th Foundation is a social enterprise spinout from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver.